Home Sweet Home

Well, it sure has been a crazy trip to St. Louis, not to mention that tornado we survived!

The TRC performed extraordinarily well! We were the only Team on Galileo to remain undefeated after all 9 qualification matches with a record of 8(W)0(L)1(T)! We were the #2 Seed on Galileo, 2nd only to team 33 the Killer Bees by two Coopertition Points!

Unfortunately we were defeated in the quarter finals on Galileo, ending our amazing trip there. We were not able to top our 2005 record of being finalists on Galileo, but to be able to make it this far was already amazing!

Our great friends from our winning alliance back here in Seattle, 2046 and 2471, both made it to elimination rounds as well on Newton and Curie. Congratulations to them!

St. Louis, we'll see you next year!

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